In which the cult drops something off.

Making new friends.

The crew makes friends with Hook, a Red Sashes flunky on the down-and-out. See, Baszo Baz (leader of the Lampblacks) is not a great fan of the Red Sashes, and wants to see how reliable this new cult is.

Grine decides the best way to get Baz’s artifact planted in the Red Sashes safehouse is to have somebody else do it, and the initial conversation goes well. Hook is … unreliable, and immediately murdered upon being found out by Mylera Klev, the boss. Klev opens the front door, sending lamplight streaming out into the street, holds up the bagged artifact, and yells that she’s coming for whoever’s behind this thing.

Zamira Bell whispers up Hook’s ghost, who still totally owes them, and the Hound sends out his eldritch raven to keep Klev occupied while Hook grabs the bag. It goes well, and the bag is thrown up to the Hound on the roof. Bell sends Hook back into the house to cause a riot, and the Hound sneaks in from the rooftop to plant the artifact, not without stressing the hell out.

Payoff: +4 rep, +2 coin, +5 heat, and we’re now at war with the Red Sashes.



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